May 2014 

Well here we go with another direction for Guardian.

Just recently we were approached by a very large company in the medical alert industry and asked to participate in a series of trials involving Guardian Duress Alert.

I am very pleased to report that the trials went very well and I might add the trials were conducted over a very long distance.

Everything came to an abrupt halt when it was realised that they could only sell Guardian once.

This brings me to my point. Medical alerts world-wide, according to my research on many sites world-wide,seem to me to work the same way. Buy their system, have it installed and then pay a monthly monitoring fee forever. Or pay a considerable outlay and then connect to family and friends in the event that your are in need of their assistance

That seems to be fine, except that in nearly all cases they only work at a range of 80 metres and a maximum of 300 metres if you are outside. Also, if you send an alert and your contact is on the phone already, vital time is lost and you may not get second chance. 

Bring in Guardian. Not only do you get an alert to your phone, but also one to your email address and if your are on the phone Guardian will override the call and it will alert you to the emergency. It will give you the exact location, and more importantly, it won't matter if you are in the bathroom, the back garden or anywhere else in the world. As long as you have network coverage you are protected by Guardian Duress Alert.  

February 2014

Well, today I heard a news item on a local TV station reporting that a woman in the far north of our state had been involved in a very serious car accident and found herself trapped in the wreckage immersed in thick vegetation.  Unable to climb out of the wreckage and being worried that no one would know she was there, she used her mobile phone to call relatives and alert them to her situation.

They then mounted their own search to look for the woman and I am glad to report that they eventually found her and bring her much needed help.  The worrying part of all this is that it took five hours for the search party to find her. 

Because she was able to phone her relatives, she obviously had network communication.  Had she had Guardian Duress Alert on her mobile phone her rescuers would have been able to pin point her location and go directly to the accident scene.

My point here is that five hours is an incredibly long time for someone to lay trapped and injured.  This is precisely what Guardian Duress Alert was designed for.  I say again out loud, it only costs $2.50! Why would you not have it just to be on the safe side.


Remember when you could go out and leave your house unlocked? Or when you filled your car up with petrol you could leave your keys in the ignition? When two men had a fight and one was on the ground, the other waited until he got up. You would never hit him while he was down and no one would ever kick him in the head, or anywhere else for that matter.

We all lived in a time when our lives were safe, but not anymore. Those days are gone. Today we are taught to be always on our guard. We did not know phrases like Coward Punch and there did not seem to be the gutless thugs that roam our streets searching our neighbourhoods looking for the soft touch, eg, a woman hanging out the washing, children waiting for a bus, or a young couple walking to their car in the city after a night out.

The world has changed and unfortunately it has not changed for the better. For the sake of a few dollars, why would you not have Guardian Safety Net in your phone, just in case?

With Guardian Safety Net now starting to spread throughout the world, we are sure sooner or later someone will contact us to say your app saved my life.

On lighter note, a South Korean friend of ours checked out Guardian Safety Net in Korea and sent us a screenshot of our app. it was both encouraging and inspirational to see our app in Korean.

By the way, if there is anyone else out there in the world using Guardian in a far off place, we would love to hear from you.

December 2013

If you own a boat you have to have an EPIRB. All modern air craft have black box recorders. All these things are put in place in case of an emergency and they are quite expensive.

Could you sleep at night if you knew that your valuables were not insured? Then why would you gamble with your own life? We are hoping that you or members of your family will never have to use Guardian Safety alert, so why would not you have it just in case?

Every day we hear people say 'it will not happen to me', but it does. If the worst came to the worst you can have up to five people know almost immediately that you are in trouble, and even if it turns out to be a false alarm, there is the comfort in the knowledge that someone was aware of your situation.

Do it today, put Guardian Duress Alert into your phone just in case.


December 2013

I am amazed at just how many different types of organisations are looking at the attributes of Guardian Duress Alert.

Whether it is a work related use or it is  domestic, the list is growing. The point is that this app is useful in every day situations. People are starting to come to the realisation that this could save a life, and they all say the same thing, that they did not know that something like Guardian Duress Alert was available.

Now as before the real job at hand is to spread the word that this app one day will save a life. Maybe someone you know. Maybe it could be you. Help spread the word.

November 2013

When talking Workplace Health & Safety, it is amazing just how far this application can be used. From the Mining Industry to Security, are just a few of its capabilities. Incredibly, you get all this for AUD $2.50, a one off fee, and all you need is a smart phone and network coverage.  

We are currently working closely with companies who are looking at ways to increase their workers safety, this being in the form of the Lone Worker Policy. Our research shows that overseas this lone worker policy is becoming very much more to the way business is now being done in terms of employee safety.

In mid July we were invited to a meeting by representatives of the Student Council at Griffith University to discuss the likelihood of using Guardian Safety Net as a safety measure for students attending Nathan Campus. After consultation, the Student Council elected to immediately install Guardian Duress Alert.