Lone Worker Legislation

Lone worker or isolated employees is fast becoming a very real part of our normal working environment.

It states that in essence that Companies have a duty of care to their employees to ensure their safety in the work-place.

It says that any person who is not working with a co-worker shall be deemed to be a lone worker.

This raises serious questions as to what a lone worker is. It lists occupations such as drivers, real estate agents, nurses, pest control workers, shift workers, sales representatives, postal workers, cleaners and even people working late at night in the office, just to mention a few.

A violent murder occurred only just recently to a young female cleaner walking on her way to work in the Brisbane CBD.

Their mobile devices also double up as a covert panic button which can be activated discreetly if a workers safety is compromised.

It is also aimed at businesses in general who have a duty of care to protect their employees or face the consequences in the event of an employee being harmed on the job.

With terms now being used such as corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide situations are changing very quickly and business in general needs to be abreast of them.

For this reason all businesses must carefully examine their health and safety training and policies and provisions to ensure that the highest standards are met to avoid the potential corporate manslaughter charges and to ensure that management do not face personal liability.

If there is no regulation or code of practice about a risk, choose an appropriate way to take reasonable precautions to exercise proper diligence to ensure obligations are met.

A solution on offer from Guardian Duress Alert app allows workers to use their mobile phones for a very low one-off cost.

Guardian Duress Alert app can be used by a wide range of companies with access to smart phones, worldwide.

Some suggestions are:
  • SES, Ambos, Fire Fighters, Police
  • Miners
  • Tourism (tourists, agents)
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Caravan/Camping (travellers)
  • Couriers
  • Posties
  • Security Firms (extra security for clients)
  • Universities (teachers, students)
  • Unions
  • Hospitals/nursing homes (doctors, nurses, patients, visitors)
  • Surveyors
  • Communication line workers (Telstra, Optus, etc)