Q. Will the phone work if the battery is flat or if is damaged of has been submerged in water?

A. The short answer to this question is no. Even though the app is very strong and robust, it does needs the phone to be in working condition.

Q. Will the app work if there is no network coverage?

A. If there is no network coverage and the phone won't work, then it won't be able to activate the app.

Q. Can the app call Triple O?

A. In Australia we believe it is not permitted to use Triple O in this manner, but with up to five members in your safety-net, in case of emergency, someone should call Triple O.

Q. If I send an alert can I see where my safety net members are?

A. We are strongly committed to the privacy of our users; therefore you will be able to see where your safety-net members are once they respond to your alert.  Furthermore, you can squeeze the map down and see them moving towards you.

Q. How often do I have to pay for Guardian Duress Alert?

A. You will only ever have to pay for the app once. In fact, even if you change phones, as long as you keep the same number, it will still be there and you can use it as many times as you like. It is not necessary to set up your details again when you change phones. Merely log in again with your phone number and password. All your details will still be there.

Q. Can I only use the app in Australia?

A. Guardian Duress Alert app is a worldwide application. It can be used anywhere a long as you have network coverage. We have recently conducted tests from as far as Sorrento in Italy and London England.  Additionally, country codes are not necessary; all you need is your mobile number.