How Guardian Duress Alert works

How it works

Guardian Duress Alert in action
Through modern technology and mobile phones you can now create your own security net with Guardian App. With Guardian always at your side, you will never be alone, ready to assist in times of danger whether you are out and about or in your home.

At the press of a button on your iPhone or Android up to 5 of your family/friends/neighbours will be alerted to your distress/danger. Your location will be monitored and updated by GPS location approx. every 5 to 10 seconds and can only be turned off by your own 4 digit PIN (in case someone gets access to your phone).

In the current climate of violence and crime, Guardian is the App you must have and never leave home without it. Husbands, buy it for your wives; mothers, buy it for your daughters; fathers, buy it for your sons; friends, buy it for your friends. The elderly alone in their homes should have this App. No one should be without a Guardian Duress Alert.

You may choose, when you have feelings of insecurity, to have Guardian Duress Alert in standby mode in your hand ready to activate if the need should arise.
One day this could save your life for a one-off app fee to send an unlimited number of distress messages.

Remember: When creating an account, use your PHONE NUMBER as your "Username").