Medical Alerts

Medical Alerts

Are you paying for a monitored medical alert???

Are you paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars annually???

Did you know that you can now get a Medical Alert that is world-wide and that can alert up to five people and give you exact location faster than you can dial 000, and it only costs $ 2.50 yes, I'll say it again $2.50!

Put an end to those monthly monitoring fees, once you have paid $ 2.50 for Guardian Duress Alert you never pay anything not even when you send an alert. No Charge.

We recently sent an alert from New York to Brisbane in less than two seconds and pin pointed two locations in a city we have never been in. That's nearly 15,000 kilometres in less than two seconds, so just imagine how fast it can work for you at home or out and about when it's needed in a hurry.

Remember what the experts say, In an emergency every second counts.

Even if you are making a phone call and someone in your safety net needs your help urgently Guardian will actually override the call and alert you to the fact that your assistance is needed. Not only that, but it will also send an email to all the members of your safety-net as a backup.

Remember, you get all this and more for a one off charge of $2.50 and nothing more to pay, ever.

Don't be fooled or conned; all you need is $2.50 and a smart-phone. And as far as distance goes, the main stream alerts today brag about a range of 80 to 300 metres and in their own words, outside areas. We can give you around the world in seconds. Yes, I know all that for $2.50.