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Mother & baby out walking alone

Mum and bub walking alone Guardian Duress Alert app can be used by a wide range of people with a smart phone, world-wide.

  • Alert Your friends and family
  • Reclaim your freedom
  • Are you worried about going out day or night, shopping, movies, dinner?
  • Are your children safe?
  • Stranded by the side of the road?
  • Do you worry about break-ins, home invasions, intruders?
  • Walking home or to work alone?
  • Are you lost?
  • Has grandma or grandad had a fall?
  • ... or are you always worried about who is hanging around?

Time for worry is over. Now you can take that positive step towards personal security with Guardian Duress Alert!

  • Mothers (at home with small children; about to give birth)
  • Girls or boys (Walking home from school, being coaxed into a car; anywhere)
  • Nurse, cleaner, police officer (any shift worker walking to car from night shift)
  • Bushwalker (hiking, lost, etc)
  • Jogger, skier (anywhere)
  • Traveller (local or world-wide; car accident)
  • University students (around campus; travelling home)
  • Pilots - we have tracked a light aircraft at 1500 ft in South-East Queensland using Guardian
  • Trail-bike riders (mountain bike riders)

Be alert!